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Learning & Development

The main purpose of learning and development is to improve the performance of individuals and groups within an organization. Right Head has worked with multiple organization on designing Soft skills and SOP based training both for classroom and e-learning modules. Right Head designed and developed specific training content to meet employees learning and development needs and design progressive path within the organization also build the business management and leadership skill for a strong executive team. “Enhance employee’s capabilities and improve business performance with consulting service that respond instantly to your learning needs”

Employee Engagement

We at Right Head work towards creating an environment for employees with an objective to bring them close as a team, by creating a feeling of oneness and strength to support each other, above all, to JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT!! But this is not just inclined to having fun activities solely, but we majorly focus on different kinds of activities as well, that bring about a positive change and successful outcome.There is no such thing as perfection, which is true for employee engagement like everything else. The reason is that we live in a changing world where new challenges continuously require new thinking and actions. People are not all alike, so employee engagement also requires you to see your employees, really see them and get what makes them tick and then to help them make themselves tick stroke. Because employee engagement is not just down to the leader or company – each person is responsible for his/her own level of engagement.

Recruitment Process

  • Identifying your organization's requirements and expectations from recruitment
  • Coming up with a quirky recruitment plan that best fits your needs
  • Crafting the ideal candidate qualities for the required job profile
  • Shortlisting appropriate candidates through personalized offline and online methods
  • Carrying out the pre-screening process to forward only the best suitable candidates to you for further rounds of interview
  • Assisting your internal team with the candidate-selection process
  • Handling the final procedure of document collection and verification of the selected candidate
  • We have high skilled recruiters and consultants with strong domain experience
  • We have more than a decade of experience
  • We carefully research your recruitment requirements
  • Our services go beyond recruitment and we provide end to end human resource solutions